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Rewriting Bitcoin's History
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Imagine Having a Second Chance To Buy Bitcoin Early

There was a time when Bitcoin, the pioneer of cryptocurrencies, was valued at a mere dollar. In those early days, many missed the opportunity to invest, not realizing the exponential growth that lay ahead. Today, each Bitcoin is valued at several tens of thousands of dollars, leaving many to wonder, "What if I had bought Bitcoin when it was just a few cents?"

Imagine if you could turn back the hands of time and seize that missed opportunity. Would you take it? Of course you would, But, as we all know, time travel is a concept of science fiction, not reality. However, there's a new glimmer of hope on the horizon - a new digital asset called Bitcoin Spark.

Bitcoin Spark, much like its namesake, is a new player in the vast digital currency field. It's a beacon of promise, ready to ignite the crypto market with its innovative technology, secure blockchain system, and potential for high returns. Unlike Bitcoin's past, Bitcoin Spark's future is still unwritten, and it's currently valued at a price point reminiscent of Bitcoin's early days.

As an investor, this could be your second chance to ride the wave of cryptocurrency's potential boom from the ground up. This time, you have the benefit of hindsight, the knowledge of Bitcoin's growth, and the foresight of what cryptocurrencies can achieve. Bitcoin Spark is the opportunity you've been waiting for to fulfill those dreams of buying Bitcoin early.

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Complete Financial Privacy with Bitcoin Spark
In the world of digital transactions, Bitcoin Spark is an exceptional solution for anyone seeking complete financial privacy. This revolutionary platform employs the same robust security and privacy features found in Bitcoin.
Bitcoin Spark, the Token Anyone can Mine
A revolutionary digital currency that democratizes the mining process, allowing anyone with access to a computer or smartphone to actively participate. Leveraging cutting-edge blockchain technology, Bitcoin Spark has made mining an inclusive activity that's not just reserved for tech experts or those with high-end hardware.
Limitless Upside Potential For Early Adopters
Bitcoin Spark's philosophy of inclusivity opens it up to a vast potential user base. By making the mining process accessible to all, it can and will attract a broad range of users, from tech enthusiasts to everyday consumers. This widespread adoption will aid in Bitcoin Spark reaching Bitcoin-like valuations.
Electrify Your Earnings
Coming Soon to
Unlock the World of Crypto Mining
Step into the future of digital currency with the Bitcoin Spark Mining Application. No need for expensive hardware or technical expertise - your computer or smartphone is all you need to start mining Bitcoin Spark. Experience the power and independence of cryptocurrency mining today!
Maximize Your Mining Rewards
Don't let limited processing power hold back your potential earnings. With the Bitcoin Spark Mining Application, you can easily rent additional power from the network to boost your mining capacity and increase your rewards. Open up a world of opportunities in the previously elusive realm of Bitcoin mining with Bitcoin Spark!
Unleash the Power of Collective Mining
Join forces with other Bitcoin Spark miners globally or create your own pool. Combine processing power to mine more efficiently and reap greater rewards. Enter the once elusive world of Bitcoin mining with our user-friendly application and cutting-edge Proof-of-Process technology.
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Public ICO
Mining Rewards
Liquidity Pools & Exchanges
Team Tokens
Begin ICO Phase Stage 1
  • Have Ethereum-based 'IOU' token contract created and audited
  • CEX pre-listing agreements
  • Internal stress and load tests of the "Spark" blockchain
Pre Launch Stage 2
  • Mining app closed beta
  • Bug Bounty Program and secruity optimization of the "Spark" Blockchain
  • Cross chain Bridge development
  • Hash rate optimization
Launch Stage 3
  • Launch on the Ethereum network with IOU BTCS token
  • Redeem IOU ERC20 tokens for mainnet BTCS
  • Switch all CEX deposit/withdraw to native network
Post Launch Stage 4
  • Finalize renouncing of network controls
  • Mining app advertisement space paid in BTCS
  • Stand alone mining devices
  • BRCS-20 Integration on Spark mainnet
  • Become leading Bitcoin alternative
Beyond The Horizon Stage 5
  • Solidify placement as leading Bitcoin alternative by securing acceptance into institutional realm of publicly traded ETFs
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